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Imagining Bakken
detail 1 of 2
detail 2 of 2
Magnitude and Probability
Magnitude and Probability
Perception of Risk, June 15, 2017
key to previous drawing
detail of previous drawing
Perceptions of Risk, May 10, 2017
Perception of Risk 2009
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Risk Analysis and Human Behavior
Perception of Risk 2009
Perception of Risk 2009
Mickey You and Me
Perception of Risk 2010
X-Y Axis (Detail)
risk perception litho detail 1 of 1
risk perception litho detail 2 of 2
Perception of Risk (2010 globe)
globe detail 1 of 2
globe detail 2 of 2
Testing Times
Testing Times (detail 1 of 2)
Testing Times (detail 2 of 2)
Perception of Risk 2010
Perception of Risk 2014
Perception of Risk 2013

Perceptions of Risk

The series borrows from the science of Risk Perception by using a x-y axis to map out and visualize perceptions of risk to myself and to others, real and/or imagined. 

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INTERSECTIONS OF PROBABILITY AND MAGNITUDE, No. 1 Perceptions of Probability and Magnitude are charted on an X-Y axis including measures of impact from individual to global. Binders board on panel, gesso, washi paper, pigment pen, toner, acrylic, varnish 30"x40" 2018 Private collection